kwrnet - networking on waste and resources in Kirklees

for businesses, institutions and local people

Participate in the conversation about the future of our waste in Kirklees.

Networking on waste and resources helps to share ideas and find solutions to our growing waste problems.

We want to carry on the conversations we started at the Our Waste? conference in December 2019.

These were about the implications of the new National Waste Strategy within Kirklees – for minimising waste, promoting resource efficiency and creating a local circular economy.

Here we will emphasise partnership solutions to reduce, reuse and recycle waste. Community organisations have a growing role, working together with the council and businesses

We will also focus on the importance of influencing behaviour to reduce and re-use waste, as well as to recycle.

One thing is clear: the way we manage our waste is going to change a lot over the next five years. This makes our network a valuable tool to facilitate local collaboration.


Our waste – the Future?

A conference held at University of Huddersfield and organised by Environment Kirklees

The conference in December 2019 started a debate about our priorities on waste and resources. If we want to carry on the conversations in 2020 and beyond we need forums to do so.

This web site aims to stimulate people and organisations to get connected, locally. Regular workshop on different themes will ensure the conversations continue

The conference objectives included

  • Raising awareness and planning for change – resulting from the national waste strategy, public expectations in a climate emergency and new council waste disposal arrangements
  • Promoting waste reduction, re-use and recycling
  • Encouraging networking between the public sector, private sector and community and voluntary sector
  • Exploring the links between waste and other agendas – industrial strategy, environmental protection and poverty
  • Identifying the stakeholders and establishing a waste & resources network in Kirklees (