Privacy policy

Environment Kirklees Ltd, a not for profit company limited by guarantee. The company delivers environmental projects through Greenstreams with a range of partners and volunteers. It is also developing projects on litter, waste and resources and has established a clean up project, Go To Town and KWRNET, a new project to raise awareness on waste, and create a waste and resources network.

We are committed to protecting the privacy of all those individuals about whom we hold and use personal information. This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, manage and use the personal data of all those individuals. We may change this Privacy Policy (or the individual Privacy Schedules below) from time to time to ensure it reflects current legislation without notice to you, so please do check it regularly.

Your Personal Information

The company needs to collect and use personal information about a range of individual people that it interacts with as project partners, volunteers or supporters receiving information by e-mail. By providing information to us (either in person, by letter, phone or email), those individuals agree to the processing outlined below.

We will not share your personal data with other organisations. Where our collaboration with project partners requires some sharing of personal information we will seek your permission.

We will only keep personal information for as long as we need it in order to fulfil the purposes for which it was collected and for so long as we consider may be required to deal with any questions or complaints that we may receive about our relevant activities, unless we elect to retain the personal data for a longer period to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations.
We review the personal data we hold on a regular basis. If we conclude that certain personal data is no longer needed, that personal data will be destroyed.

Your Rights

  • Anyone has the right to see the personal data that is held about them and have a copy provided to them, or someone else on their behalf.
  • If at any point anyone believes that the personal data we hold about them is inaccurate, that person can ask to have it corrected.
  • Anyone can require the company to limit the processing of their personal data in certain circumstances, for example, whilst a complaint about its accuracy is being resolved.
  • Anyone can object to their personal data being processed.
  • Where someone has given us their consent to process their personal data, they can withdraw that consent at any time by notifying us (see “Who to contact about your personal data” below).
  • Anyone can request that their personal data is deleted altogether.

Personal information will generally be provided free of charge, although the company can charge a reasonable fee in certain circumstances.

Who to Contact About Your Personal Data

If you wish to see your personal data, exercise any of the rights mentioned above or make a complaint about how we have handled your personal data, please email

We encourage you to let us know if your personal information changes or if you think the personal information we hold about you is out of date.

Updates to this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is the latest version as at October 2019. This notice will be updated from time to time and you can request to see the current version any time by emailing

Should any significant changes be made to this notice in the future, a revised copy will be put on the and websites.

Last date edited: 31.10.19